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Appointments made by the 2016 Provincial Chapter

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Dominican Friars in England and Scotland are pleased to announce the appointments made by the 2016 Provincial Chapter. The Chapter is a democratically elected decision-making body which is convened once every four years to set the strategies and determine the personnel needs for our Province.

Prior Provincial: Martin Ganeri

Provincial Council:
Simon Gaine (Socius to the Prior Provincial)
John Farrell (ex-Prior Provincial)
Richard Ounsworth (Provincial Bursar)
Aidan Nichols (Prior of Cambridge)
Thomas Skeats (Prior of London)
David Rocks (Prior of Leicester)
John Patrick Kenrick (Superior of Newcastle)
Bruno Clifton 
Robert Gay

Student Master, with effect from 14th September 2016, John Farrell
Regent of Studies, for a second term, Simon Gaine
Regent of Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, Simon Gaine
Novice Master, with effect from 14th September 2016, Bruno Clifton
Provincial Bursar, for a second term, Richard Ounsworth
Archivist of the Province, Aidan Nichols
Assistant Archivist, Robert Verrill
Internet Apostolate Co-ordinator, Lawrence Lew
Editor of the Catalogus, Benedict Jonak
Editor of the Provincial Newsletter, Richard Finn
Editor of New Blackfriars, Fergus Kerr
Assistant Editor of New Blackfriars, John O’Connor
Director of Blackfriars Publications, Dominic Ryan
Director of Communications, Richard Finn
Director of St. Martin’s Mission Centre, David Sanders
Promoter of Fundraising, Richard Finn
Promoter of Continuing Formation, David Rocks
Promoter of the Priestly Fraternities of St. Dominic, Simon Gaine
Promoter of Lay Dominicans, John Farrell
Promoter of the Holy Rosary, Thomas Skeats
Promoter of the Angelic Warfare Confraternity, Robert Ombres
Promoter of the Holy Name Confraternity, David Rocks
Director and Promoter of Vocations, Nicholas Paul Crowe
Director and Promoter of Vocations (Caribbean), Clifton Harris
Promoter of the Dominican Youth Movement, Nicholas Paul Crowe
Promoter of the Walsingham Pilgrimage, David Rocks
Director of Province Internet Services, Robert Verrill
Safeguarding Officer, Robert Gay
Safeguarding Officer (Scotland), Dermot Morrin
Safeguarding Officer (Caribbean), Clifton Harris
Editor of the Provincial Ordo, Gregory Pearson
Editor of torch.op.org, David Goodill
Examiners of ordinands: The Regent and his appointees
Examiners for faculties: The Regent and his appointees
Director of Las Casas Institute: Richard Finn
Director of Aquinas Institute: Richard Conrad

Commission for the Intellectual Life:
Regent of Studies (convenor)
Secretary of Studies
Promoter of Continuing Formation
Richard Finn
Thomas Skeats

Economic Council:
Provincial Bursar (convenor)
Thomas Kearns
John Patrick Kenrick
Robert Gay
Oliver Keenan

Formation Council of the Province:
Master of Students (convenor)
Prior Provincial
Regent of Studies
Master of Novices
Prior of Oxford
Prior of Cambridge
Director of Vocations
Thomas Skeats
Bruno Clifton
Luke Doherty

Library Committee:
Prefect of the Studium Library (convenor)
Regent of Studies
Director of Studium Studies
Richard Finn

Admissions Cœtus:
Master of Novices (convenor)
Regent of Studies
Director of Vocations
John Patrick Kenrick
Euan Marley
Robert Gay

Reserve Members of Admissions Cœtus:
Dermot Morrin
John Farrell

Liturgy Commission:
Matthew Jarvis (convenor)
Dominic White
Benedict Jonak
Bruno Clifton

Jubilees Commission:
Richard Finn (convenor)
John O’Connor
Dominic White
Matthew Jarvis
Toby Lees
Samuel Burke


Anonymous commented on 21-Jun-2016 08:18 PM

Where are the sisters in these appointments?
Webmaster commented on 22-Jun-2016 08:49 AM
This was the Chapter of the friars, not the sisters. The sisters have their own structures and make their own appointments. We do of course work in close collaboration with them and with the Lay Dominicans.

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