Help us preach the Gospel online!

Help us preach the Gospel online!

Covid-19 has forced us all to spend more time online.This means that it is more important than ever to optimise our websites and preach the Gospel on the web in the best way that we can! Please help the Dominican friars to undertake essential upgrades on our website.

This website is an important platform for the preaching mission of the Dominican friars. From our base in the UK, we reach a global audience, sharing weekly homilies via Torch and wide-ranging reflections on Christian beliefs and culture via Godzdogz.

However, the technology our website is built upon will not be supported in a year’s time, so we must transfer it over to WordPress, a robust and proven website platform that we use for our other websites.

This will also be an opportunity for us to freshen up the website design, and make it easier for us to incorporate more closely recent developments such as Godzdogz’s very popular YouTube channel.

Prefer to donate another way? Just email and we’ll help you. 

Thank you for your support: the friars pray daily for their benefactors.

The Development Office manages the fundraising and communications of the Dominican Friars in Britain. You can contact us on