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Lent - Ash Wednesday

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Ash Wednesday. Fr Peter Hunter helps us to understand why Lenten practices are good for us. Years ago, after the death

Ash Wednesday  |  Fr Toby Lees ponders death, our mortality, and the present time for conversion. It wasn’t until I joined

Ash Wednesday  |  Fr Gregory Murphy explains that during Lent, out of the ashes of our failures and timidities, the fire

Ash Wednesday  |  Fr Dermot Morrin reflects on the symbolism of the purple colour that characterises the season of Lent. Purple

Ash Wednesday  |  Fr John O'Connor reflects on what God intends as the effects of Lent.  St Teresa of Avila wrote

Ash Wednesday. fr Lawrence Lew helps us to see how Lent is the season in which we learn to die

Ash Wednesday. fr Gregory gives us encouragement in our Lenten fast, by helping us to see how when we fail

Ash Wednesday. Fr Leo invites us to see Lent as a time when we come before God in a spirit of

Ash Wednesday. Fr David Goodill outlines how almsgiving, praying and fasting are our particpation in Christ's work of our redemption. Now we

Ash Wednesday. Fr John Farrell invites us to live out our baptism in every moment of our lives. Ash Wednesday. 'Remember

Ash Wednesday. Fr Jonathan Fleetwood places today's penitential actions in the context of the reconciliation that Christ has effected between God

Ash Wednesday. Fr Anthony Axe warns against flashy shell suits and trainers. Putting on weight not only means that we can't

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