Love to the End

Lent - Holy Thursday

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Holy Thursday. Fr Gregory Murphy offers a sermon for the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. I am writing from Scotland, where

Thursday of the Lord's Supper (Maundy Thursday)  |  Fr Dermot Morrin contemplates the reality of life-giving charity that is symbolised

Maundy Thursday  |  Fr Dominic White reflects on the streams of grace that come from Christ's washing of feet both

Maundy Thursday II  |  Fr Allan White reflects on the renewal of each of us that must be begun and

Maundy Thursday  |  Fr Richard Ounsworth connects the dots between the Eucharist and the washing of feet. Today is the day

Maundy Thursday (A)  |  Fr Isidore Clarke ponders the meaning of Jesus's actions at the Last Supper. Actions certainly speak louder

Holy Thursday. fr Thomas Skeats shows us how through celebrating the Lord's Supper we come to share in the life

Holy Thursday. Fr Dominic Ryan explains how our nature is healed and raised up by participating in the death and

Holy Thursday. Fr Robert Verrill explains how the Holy Eucharist is the most genuine symbol of all, perfectly signifying that

Holy Thursday. Fr Isidore Clarke helps us to see how Christ's washing of His disciples feet is a key to

Holy Thursday. Fr Dominic White encourages us to appreciate the Eucharist with all our senses. In the first Harry Potter film,

Holy Thursday. Fr Lawrence Lew ponders on the symbolism of footwashing. My mother used to remind me before every meal to wash

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