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Br Bede is a student brother in solemn vows. He was born in Enfield and grew up in Essex, before reading Literae Humaniores at St Hugh’s College in the University of Oxford. It was in Oxford that he first met the Dominicans, and he joined the Order in 2017 after completing his degree. The writings of Pope Benedict XVI/Joseph Ratzinger greatly influenced his development in the Faith. He retains a wide interest in literature; among religious authors, he particularly admires St Augustine and St John Henry Newman.

We may be tempted to think in more morbid moments that death has the final say on life. Against this,

By Br Bede Mullens, O.P | Tintoretto's Last Supper hangs in the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, and

By Br Bede Mullens, O.P | Today we celebrate a God who was always with his creation, but has opened now

By Br Bede Mullens, O.P. | ‘Jesus is the heir to a line of rejects: his rejection authenticates his mission, and

By Br Bede Mullens, O.P. | In our new Lenten series, the student brothers invite you to discover those places that

By Br Bede Mullens, O.P. | In this new post from our series of meditations on the Gospel, Br Bede

By Br Bede Mullens, OP | ‘What does it profit me that Christ was born of the Virgin, if he is not

News | Below you can find Br Bede's reflection for the Rosary Vigil that took place in Blackfriars Oxford on

The Beatitudes | "We sometimes hear it said that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church

The Beatitudes | "This is the man in whom history is transformed, the centre-point that gathers into a new orbit

By Br Bede Mullens O.P. | What are we to make of St Alexius, a man who abandoned loving parents without

By Br Bede Mullens, O.P | History does not relate whacky interests or peculiar pursuits of the apostles, but we do

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