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Br Giovanni Castellano was born in Italy in 2000. He attended high school in his small town in Sicily, and then he joined the Order of Preachers in the Province of St Thomas Aquinas, in southern Italy. After one year of postulancy, he entered the noviciate in 2020. He is now living in Oxford, where he is beginning his first year at Blackfriars Studium. Before becoming a friar, he enjoyed travelling a lot, and so is it now, as well! In his free time, he likes reading good books and spending time with old and new friends.

The perspective of the coming of the Lord, both on the Last Day and in our earthly life, can be

Zechariah becomes deaf and mute since he does not believe in the good news brought to him by the angel.

King David is the perfect example of a person forgiven by God who has started a new life having received

Jesus gives us the good news of the Kingdom where everybody is summoned, regardless of one’s capacities. The time of