The Life of Virtue – Adoration

Life of Virtue

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For St. Thomas, adoration is primarily an interior act whereby the human being recognises his nothingness before God, comes to

In 1872 the anthropologist Sir Francis Galton did a thorough statistical survey of the health of the Royal Family and

We might hear that someone is devoted to a cause, or their children, or even to their pet animal. What

Religion is not a theological virtue. This is the first and perhaps the most important thing to be said about

The idea of restitution is one that, in a Christian context, brings to mind the idea of restoration. This can

Judgement, iudicium, is the virtue of judging in accordance with what is just. However, as is well known, Jesus tells

The virtue of justice is one of the cardinal virtues, one of the aircraft carriers in the fleet

In common parlance, prudence is not a word that is well liked. It is used to refer to activity characterised

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