Solemn Profession 2021


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News | On Sunday 5th September, Br Bede Mullens OP made Solemn Profession in the Order of Preachers. Please pray

Vocations | Are you considering a vocation to the Order of Preachers? If so, the following video might interest you. Br

By Br Thomas Thérèse Mannion O.P. | No Ifs, No Buts: every Christian should be Poor, Chaste and Obedient. One of the

News | On Saturday 4th July, the Brothers celebrated the Diaconal Ordination of Br Joseph Bailham, OP, at the hands

By Br Joseph Bailham, O.P. | Have you ever set out on something but found it not to be what you

News | Please pray for our brother, Joseph Bailham, OP, who made Solemn Profession last Friday here in Oxford.  Please pray for

News | On Sunday 10th July 2016, brothers Oliver Keenan and Matthew Jarvis were ordained to the priesthood, along with brother Jean-Baptiste

News | On Saturday 11th July--the feast of St Benedict--Brs Oliver Keenan, O.P., and Matthew Jarvis, O.P., were ordained to the diaconate

Last year I gave a presentation on vocations to a group of teenagers in a Catholic school. At the ‘Q&A’

Is mission for consecrated religious or for everyone? The Second Vatican Council was keen to stress how all the baptised are

Bosch, the temptation of saint Anthony Asceticism refers to the practice of spiritual exercises like fasting, praying or almsgiving, performed for religious

Since joining the Dominicans, a little under three years ago, one of the comments I have most often heard, from

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