Quodlibet 39: Religious Life, Youth Ministry, and Evangelisation

Consecrated Life

Built on the four pillars of our Dominican life – preaching, prayer, study, and community – Godzdogz offers many resources for exploring the Catholic Faith today. Read more.

Quodlibets | A series of questions on what might be missed after taking vows, keeping in touch, and evangelising the young. What elements

Last year I gave a presentation on vocations to a group of teenagers in a Catholic school. At the ‘Q&A’

Is mission for consecrated religious or for everyone? The Second Vatican Council was keen to stress how all the baptised are

Bosch, the temptation of saint Anthony Asceticism refers to the practice of spiritual exercises like fasting, praying or almsgiving, performed for religious

Since joining the Dominicans, a little under three years ago, one of the comments I have most often heard, from

When Pope Francis proclaimed the Year of Consecrated Life, he published a letter to all religious. In that letter, Francis

For a start, everything is Trinitarian. God is a Holy Trinity in Unity, and all creation is made through the

I guess we all have come across charismatic people in our lives. It might have been in a personal encounter,

When examining the past we can often fall into the error of privileging a perceived ‘Golden Age’ located far in

The New Testament contains many starting points for the Christian consecrated life. But while the consecrated life has clear origins in Jesus’ life

Of the three vows that form the basis of consecrated life, chastity is perhaps the most controversial. Though it finds its

In the context of religious life, there is a spectrum of approaches in relation to obedience.  For a Diocesan priest, the

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