Doctors of the Church: Basil

Doctors of the Church

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By Br Vincent Antony Löning | "The love of God is not something that is taught, for we do not

By Br Joseph Bailham | The next of our western doctors of the Church in this series is the formidable

By Br Thomas Thérèse Mannion | ‘God became a what we are in order to make us what he is’

By Br Andy Opsahl | Given that we here at Blackfriars chose to blog during this academic term on Doctors

By Br Vincent Antony Löning | Ambrose of Milan: what sort of personality hides behind this name? Pastoral bishop, monastic

By Br Albert Robertson | This series begins, in a way, in our own country, for it was St Gregory

Our Christmas break is over now, and so we start a new series for the coming term on the eight

St Teresa was born in Avila, in 1515. The 16th century was a time of turmoil in many areas of

Teacher of Truth Recently we had a vocations open day at Blackfriars Oxford, a chance for those pondering religious life to