Easter Sunday


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"This is the day which was made by the Lord: let us rejoice and be glad, alleluia." We wish you all

By Br Bede Mullens | “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up

By Br Albert Elias Robertson | This post is the first of a series on the teaching magisterium of Pope Pius XII whose

By Br Vincent Antony Löning | Hopefully by now you are slightly tired of Lent. (If not, give up something more

Most of us today are familiar with the cliche, ‘spiritual but not religious’. It’s such a cliche, that I’m not

I have my own views and peculiar behaviours with regards to eating food. That is, I usually avoid eating leftover

In the parable of the Ten Gold Coins, Jesus tells a story of a nobleman going off to obtain his

Seating plans can be a headache. We had one recently for our Doorkeepers’ Dinner. The trouble with seating plans is

At the Last Supper, Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven and prayed, saying: “I consecrate myself for them, so

On this day in 1535 there died at Tyburn three Carthusian monks, the first of many martyrs of the English

Genesis tells us that God began his act of creation with light: “‘Let there be light’; and there was light. 

Imagine a situation where you are in the middle of a seven-mile walk, and a traveller begins walking alongside you

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