Triduum 2015 – Photographs and videos

Lent 2015

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Below are some photos and videos from the Triduum at Blackfriars, Oxford. This post will be updated at different points

Today, often referred to as Spy Wednesday, marks the end of our quiet preparations for the rich drama that will

In this video, Br Joseph Bailham reflects on the significance of Jesus dying on the cross.   Br Joseph will lead the

Wasn't Jesus just a good human person? Charismatic, prophetic, a bit too idealistic maybe, and politically a bit too crass? Upsetting

What are you willing to do for glory?   Abraham is commanded to bind his only son, Isaac, and to offer him

The rain it raineth on the just And also on the unjust fella; But chiefly on the just, because The unjust steals the