Neglected Books of the Old Testament: Haggai


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Haggai suffers from pretty terrible neglect. There’s very little traditional liturgical use of the text by either Jews or Christians,

Many people can relate to the experience of hearing God’s word most clearly in time of desperate need and apparent

We are approaching the Feast of Christ the King, coming at the end of the month. In this feast, we

Habakkuk is a surprisingly Dominican minor prophet: his image appears twice on the fifth century wooden doors of Santa Sabina,

One of the books commonly neglected in the Bible is the Book of the Prophet Nahum. Authored by one of the

The Book of Obadiah is one of the shortest books in the Bible—only 21 verses long—and is one of the

Ruth is one of the smallest books of the bible but with many treasures to be unearthed. Ruth is a

The Book of Judges covers the span of Israel’s history from the death of Joshua, after the conquest of the

The summer is now over, and the new academic year is just about to begin here at Blackfriars, Oxford. We

"Our God is not an abstract, remote God who cares little about the world, or who takes a back-seat approach.

Daniel 13:1-64. The account of Susannah has an unusual textual history. Although we now only have it in Greek versions

The Song of Songs – a Hebrew idiom meaning 'the greatest song' – is one of the most intriguing books in

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