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Br Rafael is a student brother in simple vows from the Province of the Holy Rosary.

What is the point of having a patron saint of a country? Isn’t it funny, the idea of being a

In our Lord’s passion every single character could be the object of a deeply christological interpretation on the part of

The mystery of the Incarnation tells a story of impossible contradictions: God becoming man, eternity under the bondages of the

Today the Order of Preachers celebrates the feast of Blessed John of Fiesole, also known as Fra Angelico, a recognised

The theme of Psalm 32, the second of the so-called penitential psalms, is something well known for everyone who has

During this final week of Advent, some of the student brothers are offering short video reflection to help aid your

If somebody closes his eyes and for a moment thinks in a Spanish soldier the resultant image would depict under a characteristic

The reason behind martyrdom is faith in Jesus Christ, at least from the martyr’s point of view. He is ready

We must pray for the dead: it is precisely the reason for today’s commemoration. When our day comes we will

It would be a terrible mistake to consider the testimony of this woman simply as such, the testimony of a