Care of Our Common Home: talks

Laudato Si

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News | Blackfriars Priory recently hosted talks on “Care of Our Common Home: Reflecting on Laudato Si’”. The speakers were Dr Austen

This post builds on many of the themes highlighted by Br Luke in his post on ‘Education’ and looks through

Do you have enough hours in your day? If not, you must be a busy person. So do you have

I remember in Confession a particular priest said to me that “charity is always the answer”. Charity, or caritas in

In chapter six of Laudato Si’ Pope Francis discusses “towards a new lifestyle” and environmental education. Francis starts in §202

Solve this common environmental problem with a weird trick that will blow your mind! The presence of heavy metals such as

In Laudato Si’, Pope Francis employs the concept of human dignity as part of a wide appeal to all men

Undoubtedly the key feature that marks out our generation from previous ones is the rapid advances made in technology over

I remember well the political uproar in my youth when a Dutch bishop stated that if someone was too poor

We live in a world marked by gross inequality.  The gap between the few who have in abundance and the many

I remember my civil engineering Professor tell a story of a construction project he was involved in, at a site

Earlier this year, Pope Francis published his much-anticipated encyclical on the Care for our Common Home, Laudato Si. This challenging

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