Mysteries Made Visible – an interview with Fr Lawrence Lew OP

Our Lady

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Book Review | Fr Lawrence Lew OP has recently published a book of photos and meditations on the rosary, entitled

By Br Francesco Lorenzon, O.P. | In the top right hand corner of St Peter's Square, almost higher than the basilica and

News | Below you can find Br Bede's reflection for the Rosary Vigil that took place in Blackfriars Oxford on

By Br Albert Elias Robertson, O.P. | Our calendars often cause feasts to collide with each other on the same day,

By Br John Bernard Church, O.P | A Rosary Vigil on the eve of Pentecost in the presence of the

By Br Gabriel Theis, O.P. | The Annunciation of Our Lord presents us with a truth that gives our human existence

By Br John Bernard Church, O.P. | Our nativity scenes tend to tell an incomplete story. The reality of Mary’s motherhood

By Br Bede Mullens, O.P. | Br Bede thinks about what the Immaculate Conception might have to do with the shadier

By Daniel Benedict Rowlands | With each Ave, we are drawn to share in the Blessed Mother's subversive work, that work

To my shame, I’ve never actually been to Lourdes. Nor have I been to any of the other apparition sites,

Today’s Solemnity sends a shiver down the spine of many evangelical and other Christian denominations. The motivation behind their concern

Recently I have started reading fairy tales again, prompted by GK Chesterton’s great love them, and, in particular those of

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