Let us weep before the God who made us (*Ps 94:6)


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By Br Daniel Benedict Rowlands, O.P | "Sin, even venial sin, is the only real sadness in life, the only enemy of peace,

By Br Vincent Antony Löning, O.P. | The pelican is obviously a well-known Eucharistic symbol for Catholics, though not all will know why. The

By Br Pablo Rodríguez Jordá, O.P. | How can we find rest amidst the cares of modern life? Br Pablo shares

By Br Thomas Thérèse Mannion | Much is still unknown about the origin of the psalms. How were they read?

Psalm 118 is one of the most frequently recited psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours, being sung on some

Continuing our series on the Christological Psalms, we now turn to look at Psalm 15 (16) sometimes referred to as

Having considered some of the penitential themed psalms, we now begin a new theme in our series, namely, the Christological

One of the questions that I get asked most frequently is ‘Why do you bother continually singing psalms?’ This is

If not necessarily their favourite, Psalm 130 - the De profundis - is certainly a psalm very familiar to the

Psalm 38 is the prayer of one who has reached rock bottom. It is the lament of a supplicant who

Psalm 102 is a psalm of a somewhat depressing nature. Do we know what this person who wrote the Psalm

It is fitting that I start our reflection on the Psalms this year with Psalm 51. In Psalm 51, we

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