Biblical Beasts: Whale

Biblical Beasts

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Is there any mention of whales in the Bible? Your first reaction might well be, “Of course there is:

Those parts of the Old Testament canon originally written in Hebrew have a number of words for birds but a

Today unicorns have a rather effeminate, placid reputation. One can see this in children's story books but also

When one reads the story of the Fall in the book of Genesis, it is of no surprise that snakes

The raven has a rather sinister reputation. Throughout history it has been used as a symbol of the macabre. One

Someone commented that Godzdogz is 'scraping the bottom of the barrel' in having a summer series on Biblical Beasts. Well

We find two references to Quail in the Old Testament: first, in Exodus chapter 15, and then again in Numbers

Pigs do not appear to have a very high standing in the Bible. They were regarded as unclean. Leviticus

The ostrich is mentioned twice in the bible, once in Lamentations and once in Job. In Lamentations, the Lord complains

The first question I suspect many people will have about a leviathan is, 'What is it?' There is, it must

There are a surprising number of ways in which kids are used in the Old Testament. You’ve probably all heard

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